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u2markets Private company in Hampshire, England


Based on the south coast of England and in business for over 10 years u2markets is a business consultancy, providing a variety to marketing vehicles for from training courses in data cleaning, management, and analysis to simple and compact applications in Excel that cover people management processes from Human Resource function to Customer Relationship Management.

Our skills focus on the use of data for business improvement, building profits, effective process for business efficiency. We provide an unique set off skills in analysing data and linking the trends we discover in the clients data and the relationships between people and the results.

We can advise on how to introduce and use Key Performance Indicators and how they used within our clients work streams to again improve the business processes focusing on the customer interface.

We also build the dashboards for HR, Sales and Marketing, General Business process monitoring and many more specific to out clients in Excel,

Work Areas

Aeronautics and Space, Agriculture, Arts, Automotive, Aviation, Building and Construction, Business services, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Consumer goods, Electronics, Energy Topics, Engineering, Environment, Health & Safety and Security, Highways,Traffic Engineering and Parking, Industrial Manufacture, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Logistics and Supply Chain, Maritime Industries, Other Industrial Technologies, Physical and Exact Sciences, Ports, Maritime and Waterways, Rail, Renewable Energy, Social, Economic and Education Issues, Taxis, Cycling and Walking, Telecommunications, Textiles/textile products, Transport Interchanges, Transport Planning, Transport Safety and Security, Transport infrastructure, Transport on Land, Transport on Water, Utilities infrastructure

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