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Herman Film Production

  Prospect owner:
  Overall project value:
100,00 €
  Requested investment:
40,00 €
  Current stage:
The development - successfuly finished. Now being in the pre-production stage. Filming on 19th of June 2015.
  Potential return / Revenue:
20,00 €
  Project Description:

Hi! I am working for my feature film about the Pitesti Experiment and the 're-education Phenomenon'  in Romania, back in 1040s . It is the first project of this type and being independent, lounched a fundraising campaign:

Today got the offer cost for the equipment:   wants around 20000 euros. We need to raise up even more than 35000 dollars (the requested amount on Indiegogo) in order to cover  all the costs. The prosthetic make up costs thousands of dollars too too..  We all want to do this feature film so much, the topic is amazing, the film idea is wonderful, the real story is strong and need to be told! Please be part of this amazing project and contribute as much as you can. Thank you, Victoria

  What we offer:

Publicity. We have 40 media partners and we will mention our sponsor/investors in all the media press releases, on our website and all media partner platforms. On we have a beautiful selection of perks too ( as being a producer executive, having a role in this movie, getting an invitation on the filming set or premiere, etc. - please do check them, select the one you like the most and share it with other people). Thank you.

I give you the links with our media publication in order to see how visible we are and how visible can we make it for your company/investment.

More about this project here: - Cinemarx - Film New Europe - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - TV Prahova - Radio Romania International + TV Prahova - Romania Libera - Mediafax - Mediafax a) b) b)* b)**

c) d) h) i) - aici e in limba engleza j) k) l), - Digi TV, - Ultima Ora

  What we are looking for:

Well, we need to cover the actors and crew remuneration (30 000 euros). We need to rent the filming equipment (20000 euros), to buy the material for the prosthetic (10 000euros), to feed the people involved during this project (5000 euros), to pay for accommodation and transport (as we film in may locations (5000 euros). We took care of the rest of the things already (locations for filming, costumes, screen writing, pitch, teaser, publicity, cast selection, rehearsal). We are interested in sponsorship/barter/investment.

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